Telephone services

Telephones have of course been around for a long time and a lot of the phone wiring internal/external can be in a poor condition causing minor nagging intermediate faults like noise on the line or a crackle. Or your phone might not work at all.

Did you know ?

If a fault is external then its the service providers responsibility to fix at their cost…..good news for you.

But! There is always a but……

You may have to prove the fault is not with your internal wiring which you are responsible for and which will have to be repaired at your cost.

If your service provider sends and engineer out and proves that the fault is on your internal wiring, You may still be charged for the call-out even if they do not fix the fault, AND if the engineer does fix the fault you may be charged for the call-out and the engineer fixing the fault!

Islephone are always cheaper than BT for fixing internal wiring issue

So I offer the service of testing your phone line both internal and external using some clever kit.

I will determine who is responsible for the cost of the fault.

I can talk to your service provider on your behalf if required.

I can fix the fault if its with your wiring, cheaper and sooner than your service provider.

I can install extensions and relocate your router. .

Tidy and remove unwanted wiring and replace with new if required.

Update sockets to the latest current specifications.

Have a problem hearing the phone? external ringer could help and supplied on request.

Faulty phone socket