Broadband services

Broadband services 

The uses and usage of broadband are ever expanding and most service providers will just send you a router through the post when you switch provider to them.

Not really a good services is it?

What happens if you switched provider because of poor prior service?

What happens if you cant get on line?

What happens if your phone line is faulty?

What happens if you have slow speed?

What if the Wi-Fi won’t connect throughout the home on all devices?

So many problems are ignored by your service provider unless you pay them a lot of money to fix a fault.


I will check the line and the line parameters into the house,

Its important to know the real line speed. ARE you getting what you pay for?

Its important to know your lines potential speed. So you are not offered a speed by your service provider they could never deliver.

I will see if there are any problems on the line that need raising to your service provider.

I will connect your devices and set up your services.

I can relocate your router to give you better internet access.