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Islephone isle of wight telephone and broadband engineer

Isle of wight telephone and broadband services

My name is Lee Parsons and I am passionate about broadband, Wi-Fi and telephone services.
I love to give the customer the service they desire and pay for from their provider.

I have worked in the telecommunications/networking industry for many years working as a contractor and employee for both large and small service providers.
I have worked as an installer, fault fixer & trainer of apprentices.
I live on the Isle of Wight and I am now an independent telephone/broadband engineer.

WHY do you need an independent engineer?
You have a problem with your broadband or phone and so you phone your service provider right?

1, You could be left in a queue for up to 40 minutes listening to “your call is important to us” wasting your time and costing you money. (However, if I don’t answer in the first 10 rings I’m probably hanging off a ladder somewhere. Just leave a message and contact details and I will call you back as soon as possible).

2, When you do get to speak to someone, it could be a long distance call and difficult to hear as you have a phone fault, you might not even be able to tell them what the fault is.

3,The operator may ask you to locate and unscrew your master socket and test phone or router from a socket underneath a faceplate…and perform a series of tests to determine if the fault is internal or external from your property..what a faff!
If the fault is internal it’s not your provider’s problem and you will have to pay an engineer to come and fix it..that’s where I come in…I guarantee to beat their price!

4, You could wait for weeks for an engineer to turn up and it could cost you loads of money. I’m local and work island wide and can usually see you the same day.

5, Your service should be bespoke for you.
Your service should be situated and do what you want it to!
Everyone in the house/business should have a reliable connection to surf the net at a speed appropriate to the task.
You pay for it you should get the best out of it!

6, I have lower overheads so my prices are cheaper.
I can use any additional equipment suitable for usage and cost to the customer, I’m not tied into a service providers product range.